Season 2,

Roundtable #02

November 08, 2017

This week it’s a collaboration between the Beans Podcast and Creative Chit Chat for a roundtable all about story telling. We discuss the landscape of story telling today and get into some of our favourite storytellers. We then go off into an interesting debate over positive discrimination in storytelling and whether we should be consuming the content of disgraced celebrities. It was an absolute pleasure to have Erin, Sam and Valerie on the podcast and if you haven’t caught The Beans yet then go do it now:  


Valerie Glen Mullen –
Valerie’s website –

Sam Gonçalves –
Feature content at Creative Dundee –

Erin Farley –

Brandon Sanderson –

Louis Theroux –

Lois McMaster Bujold –

Vorkosigan Saga –

Tom Muir –

Janet Malcolm – The Journalist and the Murder –

1001 Arabian Nights –

Orkney Storytelling Festival –

The leftovers –

Trainspotting Book –

The Good Place –

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