Season 2,

Louise Kirby

September 25, 2018

Louise Kirby is a designer and illustrator based in Dundee. She was also part of the Maggies Penguin Trail with her creation, the Provincial Penguin.

It carries her signature style that has a very handcrafted aesthetic. We chat about how she has developed this and how it has come from a very hands-on creative process. I found her focus on ‘play’ very liberating and interesting. I can definitely relate this to aspects of my process but I wouldn’t have thought of it as play, probably something more boring like idea development. Knowing when to stop playing is a really key skill and giving yourself perspective can help massively. It also helps if you have other people around to use as a sounding board.

Louise also talks about how she struggles to explain exactly what she does when speaking to people. It’s extremely difficult and becoming a theme of the podcast. It’s very difficult to find that line between being vague and succinct vs long-winded and accurate.

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