A bit more info on what the podcast is and why it was created.

Hi, I’m Ryan McLeod and since 2017 I’ve been putting creatives behind a microphone to chat through their journeys and careers for the podcast. In November 2017 I made the decision to start Creative Chit Chat and celebrate some of the amazing creative talent connected to Dundee.

I love podcasts. They’re a fantastic delivery method for in-depth long form content. You can also enjoy them while commuting, working or wherever you can pop some headphones in. Podcasts have seen a massive resurgence in recent years and you can now find them on the nichest of niche topics. Five years ago I felt it was time Dundee’s creative community had it’s very own one.

Beyond the glitz and glamour of the waterfront, in the workshops, studios, co-working spaces and spare bedrooms of the city, there are hard working individuals forging creative careers. These individuals, make up the talented, diverse and driven creative community of Dundee and it’s the stories of these people that I wanted to capture with the podcast. I believe a community becomes stronger when it shares experiences and creates opportunities to learn from each other. So I started Creative Chit Chat to act as a giant repository of experiences and insights in one easily accessible place to help those in Dundee but also to showcase the breadth and depth of talent to those on the outside looking in.

Hopefully you enjoy listening through the back catalogue and learning about lots of the people I’ve spoken to. If you’re looking for more podcasts then check out my other more design focused one I run with Lyall Bruce as part of our design studio, Agency of None. We speak to people all over the world to explore what design is and it’s called No Opinion.

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