Season 3,

Paul Gault

April 07, 2020

Programme lead of Digital Interaction Design at DJCAD, Paul has gone full circle from being a student on the course to now leading it. We cover that whole journey including some brilliant music-based side projects along the way.

“mostly I’ve just pursued what I’ve been interested in rather than what’s been a good career move”

We begin by talking about Pauls relationship with technology and how he created a website for his village when people were getting really excited about the internet. I think there are a few threads running through his career and technology is one of them along with community and developing the careers and aspirations of younger generations.

After a PhD and some time working open the dot rural project in Aberdeen, Paul spent several years at Young Scot in Edinburgh. His work involved giving young people a voice in a room of people with influence, to make them heard and to make a difference.

During his time studying in Dundee Paul started a music event in a pub basement on the Perth Road called Nilk. Which then grew into a ‘micro festival’ in Dundee’s botanic gardens. The connection and development all came from a graphic design placement and some collaboration.

Another musical collaboration project we chat about is Resono. A project that came out of it looking at travelling around different weird and wonderful acoustics spaces and places in Scotland. Utilising a technique called impulse response they put on performances and created recordings in some breathtaking spaces.

IKEA x Teenage Engineering Collaborative 3D printing project –

Resono project –

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