Season 3,

Louise Forbes

January 29, 2019

Designer, maker, teacher, wood worker, exhibition installer and co-owner of Tayberry Gallery in Perth, Louise has a lot going on and this episode is an amazing whirlwind of a journey.

We start by going back to her final year university project of sexually inspired furniture that’s probably not for the feint hearted. Then there seemed to be a bit of a dip and potentially a creative lull where Louise realised that she really just wanted to work for herself. An opportunity arose to partner up with Sarah Spalding to run Tayberry gallery in Perth and Louise took it. To me, it feels like Tayberry is the rock that stands firm in Louise’s life and it allows her to explore all these other pursuits that still make money but are much more creatively rewarding. It also came across that Louise has a real drive and urge to share her knowledge and understanding with others.

This episode goes from the bizarre and wild to warm and comforting. If you do find yourself in Perth then drop in and rub your face on a spoon.

Photo by Chris Lyon

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