Season 2,

Lauren Morsley

October 30, 2018

Freelance Illustrator Lauren Morsley joins me for this episode. After graduating in the summer, Lauren exhibited at D&AD New Blood in London where she won a One to Watch award.

We talk through her university experience and transitioning to life working as an illustrator. During our chat, Lauren highlights a few gaps and places that universities could really improve on when sending students out into the world. In my opinion, I just don’t see universities filling these gaps in the short-term future. It may well come down to the creative community and individuals to fill these gaps for themselves.

What impresses me most about Lauren is how relaxed she is about her future. She says “I’m trying to not put too much pressure on myself”. This is exactly the right attitude when coming out of university. Finding stability financially is paramount but finding creative fulfilment may well take time. There are plenty of stories of overnight success but in reality, it comes from years of hard work. Lauren’s relaxed but driven attitude is great and hopefully, it will lead to her finding the right path.

Lauren is also part of the print project I am running at Brewdog Dundee and on 12 artists over 12 months displaying prints for £10. Lauren had her work on show over September, head to the website or her Instagram to check it out.

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