Season 2,

Ed Broughton

November 13, 2018

Filmmaker Ed Broughton is my guest this week. I’ve known Ed for a few years now, sharing co-working space Fleet Collective. In 75 episodes I’ve never had anyone derail the flow of the podcast quite as much as Ed did! He deflected talking about himself and his journey by bringing along his 10 top tips for freelancing.

There are lots of great tidbits in this episode around lifestyle, free things and integrity. Ed doesn’t really go into many of the projects he’s worked on in much detail. But he was the person behind the ‘Sunny Dundee’ concept seeing thousands of pairs of glasses being worn around the city. He also films and live streams all of Creative Dundee’s Pechakuchas.

We also finish up by talking about the only project we worked on together and how it failed. Definitely worth checking out Dundee Design Tours to have a bit of a giggle and hopefully we can reimagine the content into something else in the future.

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