Season 2,

Hot Chocolate Punch In/Punch Out

November 14, 2017

This week’s episode features the young people of Dundee answering questions loosely based on the theme future perfect. It’s a collection of chats recorded using the Punch In/Punch Out format previously created for this year’s Dundee Design Festival.

I organised it with Andy Robertson who runs the creative programme at the Hot Chocolate Trust based at the Steeple Church in Dundee’s city centre. Over the course of 3 weeks we had various young people come in to the recording room and spend 2-3minutes answering a question. Once they had answered they could create their own question for someone else to answer. It’s a great format that worked previously at the design festival and I’m tempted to say it worked even better with young people. They did need a bit of prodding here and there but the conversations we had were phenomenal. Such a diverse range of topics and we get into some deep and dark areas. I’m really excited to put this out and I hope you enjoy it.

Hot Chocolate is a youth work charity based in Dundee. They use creative approaches to engage, build relationships, and grow community with the young people who hang out in the city centre, providing holistic support and working with them to develop their own opportunities and ambitions.

Throughout summer 2017 they used the theme FuturePerfect to explore ideas around ambition, possibility and impossibility, perfection, motivation, change and agency. All with a distinctly sci-fi vibe.

Hot Chocolate Trust –

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