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Joanne MacFadyen

February 26, 2019

Joanne runs Tea Green Events where she brings together some of the best makers from across Scotland in amazing spaces for people to buy their wares.

Joanne’s journey took a few twists and turns along the way before building up Tea Green. Starting out with a ‘false start’ doing a business degree she realised that what she really wanted to do was go to art school. After getting a portfolio together and being accepted into 2nd year at DJCAD Joanne studied jewellery. In another unexpected turn she found herself doing a masters in fine art where she really started to explore how to create engaging and exciting experiences. It seems as though a lot of what she explored at this time eventually fed into what Tea Green has become, including several kilos of glitter.

After being part of Vanilla Ink for over 2 years and developing as more of a commercial jeweller. It was Joanne’s fiancé that really influenced her next career change. He offered her £200 with the goal of creating a project where she would double the money. After a few discussions and ideas, Joanne decided to put on a market at GCA’s student union. A massive step out of her comfort zone but as we discuss, there were some successes and failures of that first event.

Tea Green is coming up for it’s 5th birthday and Joanne has built a strong reputation, a network of makers and customer base. She’s built a brilliant platform to help makers sell their work and a well-curated offering for visitors. So, go and check out her up and coming events or if you’re a maker go and see how you can get involved.

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