Season 3,

Eleanor Young

February 05, 2019

Fun Makes Good is how you may also know Eleanor. She produces an amazing range of work from products to upholstery and textiles full interior designs.

Strong geometric shape and bright colours feature heavily in Eleanors work and is a style she has become known for. This aesthetic seems to have always been in her work and has been refined over time. We discuss how “Being brazen” is a really important quality for a designer and maker to possess. Especially if you make product based work that you need to go out and sell. It’s really important that you make genuine connections with people and when they’re looking for something you’re capable of, then you’re top of their list.

During the podcast we go into various different projects that Eleanor has worked on. It’s clear to see over time that there’s a confidence and ambition that has grown within her work. You only need to walk past Wahaca in Edinburgh to see her gigantic curtains created in her home studio. It’s the development and desire to learn new skills that have opened up different areas of work and alternative revenue streams. I think it’s really important as a designer to do this to keep things interesting but also to support yourself in multiple ways.


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