Season 3,

Jamie Stein

August 20, 2019

A graphic designer currently working for Avian in Dundee, Jamie shares his journey to where he is now with lots of ups, downs and educational institutions.

Jamie first did undergrad degree in product design but felt it was too focused on the engineering and the prospects afterwards were limited. He realised from the design process he had developed that what he really enjoyed was putting together the presentation boards. From there it still took a while to full embrace graphic design.

He had a bad experience in a toxic environment in an apparel company in Glasgow which led to a detrimental affect on his mental health. He reached a turning point and knew it was time to get out and focus on what he enjoyed by going to Glasgow Clyde College to do an HND. Then on to DJCAD where he graduated last year.

His journey is varied and takes a lot of twists and turns but it shows the key is finding something you’re passionate about. Even if it takes several years to get there you need to have a vision of where you want to get too.

Since graduating he took up a position with Avian in Broughty Ferry. We also dive into his design process and how it works for each project. We also touch on how to deal with client feedback and why it’s inherently a negative process.

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