Season 2,

Gemma Connell

November 28, 2017

Gemma is a dancer, choreographer and creative producer who trained under one of Kayne West’s dancers and now runs The Artifact a company creating performance, directing movement producing arts events and research.

Gemma briefly dives in to the history of Hip-Hop culture and the 5/6 pillars that make it up. She also has an amazing tree based analogy for the development and evolution of the culture which is genius. Gemma has already released 2 ebooks that are available here. There’s still 4 to come in the series and her plan is to publish a big meaty printed book of all 6 once the series is complete.

We also get into how the perception of Hip Hop is has been massively skewed by commercial Hip Hop music. Rappers with derogatory and discriminatory lyrics throwing money around is a facet that has come from Hip Hop culture but it only represents a tiny minority of it. It also doesn’t represent the core values of the movement.

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