Season 2,

Annie Marrs

April 25, 2018

Annie is Project Coordinator for UNESCO Dundee City of Design team & Place Partnership Programme. You may know her from events such as the Dundee Design Festival. We talk about how she came to apply for the roles she’s in now and why her career has led her into wearing lots of different hats. Little known fact, she used to do the train announcements at Inverness station before it all got automated.

Annie’s real creative passion started around theatre production and performances. We get into when her transition happened between creating her own work and facilitating that of others. Moving into more events based stuff I ask Annie where she thinks her expertise lies and she gave a brilliantly simple analogy. She drives a crazy bus and has the end destination in sight knowing where she needs to go. Her skill is getting people to jump on her crazy bus and go on a journey with her. I’m pretty sure that applied to both of the Dundee Design Festivals where Annie was a pivotal part of the team making sure everything came together.

I couldn’t let her go without talking about winning the GF Smith competition to identify the world’s favourite colour. It’s called Marrs Green and is a beautiful shade of teal. By the sounds of it, it won’t be long until it’s the only colour she ever uses!


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