Season 3,

Ica Headlam

March 10, 2020

Ica hosts and runs the Creative Me Podcast in Aberdeen and I invited him down to Dundee to do a podcast exchange. Turns out we have very similar stories and approaches when it comes to podcasting.

Originally from South East London, Ica moved up to Aberdeen with his girlfriend about 15 years ago to study social work. He’s seen the creative scene change and grow while recording the stories of creatives in the city.

We both started our podcasts around the same time and have put out about the same number of episodes. When chatting it was funny how we have mirrored so many of the same patterns. We both burned ourselves out in the early stages and came to the realisation that there is no expectation to be putting out an episode every week. Granted, in the beginning, it’s good practice to get things out there and develop the skills. But 1 episode every week is a massive amount of work to keep on top of and generally more content that listeners can keep up with. Especially if you’re trying to do it all year round.

We end our chat by talking about the development of local talent. Aberdeen has had some amazing events over the past few years with things like Nuart but it is mainly about parachuting in that international talent. Ica feels that the focus needs to be on developing young talent in and around the city especially in more deprived areas. Creating a more inclusive atmosphere throughout the city.

I could’ve happily chatted for hours with Ica but if you do enjoy this episode we also recorded 1 for the Creative Me Podcast which you can listen to here:

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