Season 2,
52 mins

Angie Miller

October 05, 2017

From Survivor to Superman to Schemers Angie has an impressive back catalogue of project but is now in Dundee as a script supervisor for Dundee’s first feature film, Schemers.

Originally from Australia Angie was attracted over here by the film and TV industry and the sheer number of UK productions. She has a seriously impressive roster of projects under her belt including Peter Pan, Happy Feet 2 and Superman Returns. We chat about what it’s like to work alongside some big superstars like Tom Hardy on Mad Max Fury Road.

The project that has brought Angie to Dundee is the Schemers film: Dundee’s first feature length film that is currently in post production. Everything I’ve seen or heard about it so far has been really positive and I’m excited to see the final product. There’s not a lot of information in the public domain at the moment but check out the links below to get a little behind the scenes peek.

Angie’s career hasn’t always been high profile movies and TV shows though. We cover how she got her start in the industry and how un paid work is just the norm. Personally I don’t agree with expecting people to work for free no matter what the industry is but often it’s just so engrained that it’s difficult to get round. I suppose the key is to ensure that you are actually getting genuine value out of the experience because if not it’s definitely exploitation.

It was also interesting to hear how digital technology is having an impact on note taking for the role of script supervisors. I’m not sure if we’ll ever get to the point of replacing the good old pen and paper but there’s definitely an advantage in terms of efficiency and productivity by integrating technology.


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