Season 2,

Ryan McLeod

January 17, 2018

After a few requests and to celebrate the 50th episode of the podcast I’ve done an episode of my very own. I’ve got to thank Lyall Bruce for volunteering to take the role of host for the episode and Sam Gonçalves for the editing. I was also told I would not have editing rights over the episode. As I write this and the file uploads to soundcloud I’ve no idea what made the edit or what I said in the episode. All I can hope is that I don’t repeat all the things I’ve said over the last year.

I now know the fear of the unknown you have as a guest on the podcast. After the episode is recorded I instantly felt like I didn’t get to say everything and worried about what I actually said, which I’m assured is how everyone feels. So thank you to all my previous guests for having faith and helping make the podcast what it is today. Hopefully it’ll still be here in 50 episodes time and I’ll be finding something more extravagant to celebrate.

Hope you enjoy it.


Revamp of the Fleet Collective staircase –

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