Season 1,
57 mins

Punch In/Punch Out #01

July 24, 2017

As part of this year’s Dundee Design Festival I created an installation called Punch In/Punch Out. In the same way that Creative Chit Chat captures the thoughts and opinions of creatives and designers in and around Dundee, I wanted to capture the thoughts of the people on the factory floor at the design festival.

This is the first episode in a series of podcasts collating over 100 chats that were captured during the festival. Visitors selected a question card from the rack and then used the Punch In machine.

We had a chat for a few minutes around the topic or question on the card before they had the opportunity to add their own question to the rack and finally Punch Out. This meant that the conversations and topics changed and developed over the course of the festival based on the people who took part.

If you didn’t manage to make it along to the festival here’s a few shots of the setup.

I’d also like to say thanks to Ed Broughton for help with the recording setup and Lyall Bruce and Kate Saunderson for helping with the recordings.

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