Season 1,
60 mins

Raz Ullah

July 24, 2017

I had a brilliantly upbeat chat with Raz about his wide and varied career. I actually just caught him the day before he moved on to start his next chapter down in Manchester. We chat about how he’s gone through life bouncing from coincidences to chance meetings to serendipitous events. There’s so many nice insights into his life creative process in the episode and he’s also got a really great analogy of the Dundee creative scene.

Punch In/Punch Out at Dundee Design Festival –

Raz is part of a few bands and collaborations so I’ve put together a Spotify playlist of some of his most recent work. Expect a pretty mellow but somewhat psychedelic soundtrack –

Raz’s twitter –

Art of the Memory Palace – Collaboration between Raz and Andrew Mitchell –

Andrew Mitchell AKA Andrew Wasylyk –

As the Spirit Wanes – Raz’s Solo album –

Video for – Accidental journey – From as the Spirit Wanes –

Jane Weaver – Band Raz plays synth in –

Jane Weaver –

Raz’s PKN_DND –

Art of the Memory Palace Facebook –

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