Season 1,
62 mins

Katie Guthrie

April 16, 2017

This week it’s the turn of Katie Guthrie, she has worked on a wide range of art and illustration projects from whisky to snowboards and some gigantic walls. She has a very distinct style and tone to her work, or at least I think so. We talk about that as well as a bunch of projects and other fun stuff.

Instagram –
Website –
Twitter –
Behance –

Tako Press –

Dropstiched (knitted room project) –

Feast your eyes project –…h-Feast-Your-Eyes

Mike Hughes –

Ugly People –

Fleet Collective co-working space –

Painted Doors Project Aberdeen –
Fun Makes Good –

Painted Doors in Perth –…to-Perth

‘Rappin paper’ –

Slobs and Blobs print shop –

Blackalicious Alphabet Aerobics –

Risograph printing examples –

Tako Press –

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